PAL-HUT Second Game of the Season



Tiger Mascot

Shara Coffman, Editor

The Pal-Hut softball team traveled to Newton for their first away game. The team didn’t know what to expect going into the game knowing that Newton was having a successful beginning season. Warming up Pal-Hut was not showing their true skills and that continued throughout the game.

The attitude that the team had was huge reflect on the turnout of the game. The team had a decent defense till about the third inning and they really fell apart letting Newton almost double their score. Newton had a fairly good pitcher, only allowing us to get one girl on base and leaving us with a scoreless game.

Needless to say, this was a huge game for Pal-Hut to learn from and realize that playing a sport isn’t just about your ability to actually play the sport but how your attitude towards the sport is.

Shara Coffman playing left field (Erika Blank)