Everybody Cut Loose!


Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

On Friday, March 24, 2023, the PHS Drama Club attended Beef and Board’s production of Footloose the Musical. Along with Miss Cutright, Miss Cutright’s sister, Miss Provines, Mrs. Peg, and Mrs. Hyde, Zoey Rinesmith, Charlie Burkett, Addison McNair, and Dannika Fulling also invited  their moms along.

Footloose, the 1984 classic hit, was revamped into the stage production the Drama Club watched Friday night. This production features the powerhouse hits from the movie including, “Footloose”, “Almost Paradise”, and “Let’s Hear it For the Boy” along with new songs that celebrate youth, the power of forgiveness, and the wisdom of listening to one another.

Footloose is the story of Ren McCormack, a rebellious teenager from Chicago. When he and his mother move to rural Bomont, Texas, Ren learns dancing is banned by law, and the town minister Rev. Shaw Moore thinks rock and roll music is evil. The minister’s daughter, Ariel, feels trapped in the repressive town, and Ren decides the best outlet for all the kids is a dance. He and his friends find that seeking the unlikely approval from Rev. Moore brings unexpected results for all.

Beef and Boards is not like your usual theater. It is a dinner theater, so you eat before the show. The buffet included a salad bar, three types of meat, grilled potatoes, and more!

“It’s like [the potatoes] melted on your tongue. They were seasoned perfectly and were absolutely delicious. I wish I would’ve asked for the recipe. LOL” – Addison McNair

The night was wonderful for everyone that attended, especially one student that got to meet one of the actors. Makenzie McDaniel got to meet Antony Winfrey who played as a part of the ensemble and as a cowboy.