Senior Seminar 2023-2024


Chance Wilber

Senior College Board

Chance M Wilber, Editor

Senior Seminar for the 2023-2024 school year is waiting to be approved to be offered as a dual credit class. Prior to COVID Senior Seminar was offered as an actual class that you had to register for. Senior Seminar is now during WIN since senior’s schedules have now changed due to the school changing since COVID. LTC offers a class called Pathways to Success which goes almost hand in hand with what the old Senior Seminar used to teach which makes it a college course. It is still in the works on how many college credits this class will be worth along with other course details, but the class that is offered at LTC is worth 2 credit hours per semester. Senior Seminar is a great way to reach seniors and get the information that they need on colleges, scholarships, or even life skills.