Behind the Scenes of Alice in Wonderland

Dannika Fulling and Zoey Rinesmith

As the PHS Drama Club prepares for their spring production of Alice in Wonderland, many aren’t aware of just how much work goes on behind-the-scenes. Whether it’s going over building sets, measuring for costumes, or arranging lights and sound, there are so many elements that come together like puzzle pieces to create the final production. It’s not very often that the entire cast is able to come together for a rehearsal, so spare time is frequently utilized to help everyone properly prepare.

On Monday’s practice, since attendance was low, we were able to interview two people involved with the play and Mr. Will on their thoughts about the play. Watch the interviews below:

Dannika Fulling

It seems that the cast is very excited for the challenge that comes along with this play, and Mr. Will is excited to see the final product. If you’re interested in helping with the behind-the-scenes part of this production, please contact Mrs. Hyde or Mrs. Provines.