Make March Madness Fun!

Dannika Fulling, Editor

This year’s March Madness has officially begun, and with that, begins the question of whether or not to make a bracket.

Some people, including myself, get really amped up to make their brackets and see how they compare as the tournament goes on. This isn’t always the case though. PHS does a bracket challenge yearly, and participation is around 50/50. Sometimes when an incentive is added, participation goes up, but not everyone is into basketball and that’s okay!

There are a few ways to make the bracket challenge more fun and interesting. A traditional bracket is where you use seeds and knowledge of the teams to determine who is more likely to win. Some people include some upsets in their brackets, but it’s more of deciding which team is ranked better. A way of making it fun is to throw out these rules!

Every year, I make 3 brackets: an official, one based off school colors, and one based off of the school mascot. This means that sometimes I have a 14 seed winning it all. Is that likely? Not really, but it’s fun!

March Madness is all about having fun during the basketball tournament amidst all of the “madness” that ensues with it. So if March Madness isn’t really your thing, try spicing it up! You can choose based off colors, mascots, or even off of cheerleading uniforms! The possibilities are endless and help make the tournament interesting. I hope this helps you get into March Madness, if you haven’t already!