Palestine’s Pre-Spring Vendor Market


Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

The Pre-spring vendor market is happening on March 18th, from 10-2pm. There will be a variety of vendors with many different products.

Some of the vendors include:

Faith and Allison Co. are selling custom cups, key chains, and car charms!

The Art Club is selling handmade items!

Kaitie Duffield is selling homemade knitted dishcloths, scrubbers, soap sacks, scrubby mitts, and pocket hearts!

Scentsy (1) is selling a variety of scented items to freshen up your spaces!

Inspired by Faith is selling tumblers, pens, key chains, and more!

I’m on a Roll is selling yeast rolls with different variety of toppings and fillings!

Scentsy (2) is selling a variety of scented items to freshen up your spaces too!

Janet Richmond is selling wreaths that are filled with color and will make your doors look fabulous this spring!

Back in the Woods is selling fun and fashionable clothing for all sizes!

Amy Stovall is selling hanging hand towels, key chains, badge reels, color changing tumblers, and dog leashes!

Trace and Keyleigh Sisil are selling fishing lures, tackle, bracelets, painted windows clings, and other homemade items!

Michelle Wagoner is selling colorful and custom signs!

Michele Mendenhall is selling homemade noodles, angle food cakes, and other treats!

Judy White is selling homemade crafts and signs!

Christina Provines is selling macaroons and other delicious treats!

Miranda Williamson is selling cups, shirts, and more!

Maci Williams is selling car freshies and vent clips with scents to last up to 45 days!

Janet Fuller is selling healing stone bracelets, anklets, gemstone necklaces, hair accessories, coin purses, crystal mud, and more!

Kim Tohill is selling farmhouse-ish home decor!

Mary Knight is selling Color Street nails!

Laura White is selling cute spring decorations!

The Woodsman’s Wife is selling homemade masculine scented soap, knuckle bars, and more!

Amanda Baima is selling games, keychains, and more to help little ones with learning!

Becky McCrillis is selling farmhouse and rustic decor!

Zoey Mae Creations is selling homemade earrings, keychains, and more!

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