Let The Madness Begin



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Shara Coffman, Editor

March can kind of be a blah month; it’s warm out one day, and then the next day it is cold and rainy.

There is one thing for some people that keeps the month of March exciting and that is the NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament.

This year at PHS there is a class/staff competition within a bracket pool. Each student in each class filled out an appropriate bracket with their own predictions. At the end of the tournament Mr. Will will use his great mathematical skills to figure up what percent of games each class predicted correctly. The class that has the highest percent of games right will get a pizza party sponsored by the PHS Student Senate.

This is a fun challenge that gets kids excited and a time to grow closer with their classmates.

So let the madness begin!

PHS “bracket pool” (Shara Coffman )
Dannika Fulling