OPH Football Cheer Tryouts


Alivia Beabout, Editor

OPH football cheerleaders had official tryouts Monday the 13th to decide who made varsity and who made junior varsity. Mrs. Jessi Will told the cheerleaders ahead of time that there were only 18 open varsity spots. 

There were 27 girls who made the squad, 18 on the varsity squad and 9 on the junior varsity squad. 

If you’re wondering what the difference is, instead of making junior varsity freshman and sophomores and varsity upperclassman, the cheerleaders were judged by skill, motions, voice, face, knowledge, and coordination. Their total score was tallied up and ultimately decided which team they made. 

At tryouts the cheerleaders practiced Oblong’s school song along with the motions, a new crowd chant and an already existing chant. 

On the varsity squad, congratulations to:

From Hutsonville: senior Claire Pickering, sophomore Katelyenn Adams, junior Lily Holcomb, and sophomore Emma Newlin. 

From Oblong: junior Ava Patchett, sophomore Jeighlyn Yoder, freshman Mia Weber, sophomore Danica Potts, and freshman Maddie Lewis. 

From Palestine: senior Ahlya Abel, senior Zoey Beabout, senior Briley Beabout, sophomore Mackenzie Mcdaniel, freshman Raylynn Rodgers, freshman Kinsler Beabout, junior Adrianna Taylor, and freshman Kailyn Shoulders. 

And on the junior varsity squad, congratulations to:

From Oblong: freshman Willow Riker, sophomore Zya Bricker, freshman Mady Williams, and sophomore Shelby Littlejohn, 

From Hustonville: freshman Kielyn Wilson and freshman Lyndie Sellers.

From Palestine: sophomore Autumn Taylor, senior Addison McNair, and junior Kristin Dunlap.

Congratulations to all.