Special Guest Speaker: Carmine Azzato

Chance M Wilber, Editor

Carmine Azzato dreamed of becoming an NFL player ever since he was just a little boy. With this dream he worked harder than anyone has ever worked making his way up the ranks in high school getting multiple D1 offers to continue his career through college. It wasn’t till junior year of high school when one of his friends took a cheap shot on him in practice which ended his football career. While laying in the hospital bed he decided that he was going to do something with his life he wasn’t going to let his talent go to waste.

He decided he would become a profession wrestler, so he began to train with Johnny Rodz. Quickly making a name for himself he was accepted into the New Demolition Tag Team. His honors included: 2-Time World Heavyweight Champion, 1-Time Intercontinental Champion, 1-Time Television Champion, and 5-Time World Tag Team Champion. In the height of his career he broke his leg which ended his career in wrestling.

This injury put him into a downward spiral of being depressed which later led to him using drugs as his “way out.” In 2002 he began asking God lots of questions and for guidance, and after this he began to live his life for Jesus. He now travels the world helping others overcome their obstacles and live a successful life.