Resume? How to Write One!


Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

“What is a resume?” “Why do I need one I am only in high school?”

A resume is a breif overview of YOU! Your career, your qualifications, and you should get what your applying for!

You should have one in high school for many reasons!

  1. A resume is necessary for summer and part-time jobs
  2.  A resume is necessary for college applications
  3.  A resume is necessary for scholarship applications
  4. A resume is necessary for internships

A resume should not be multiple pages detailing every moment in you life. Hit the highlights! Make it easy and quick to read. It should be in chronological order and include special courses you have taken, grades/gpa, academic honors, extracurricular activites, sports, jobs, community service, special skills, a career statement (if needed), and accurate contact info.