Eligibility for Sports!


Elliott Meadows

Callum showing off his time

Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

Have you missed any assignments? Are you falling behind in classes? Do you play a sport? If you said yes to any or all three of these questions, you NEED to read this article.

To be eligible to play ANY sport you must have a grade higher than 59.5% (D-) in every class. Eligibility is checked every week by the athletic director. If a student is ineligible they are not allowed to participate in any sport activities from that Monday to Saturday. If your grade is not raised to something higher than a D- you will be ineligible for another week. The head coach/sponsor has the option of establishing a policy on the maximum number of weeks that a player may be ineligible before that player is dismissed from the team; however, that number will not be less than three weeks. (Standard procedure is that after the 3rd week of ineligibility, you are removed from the team).

Mr. Will says it best: “If you do not have time to keep your grade up, then you do not have time to be active in a sport.”