Club Spotlight: Student Senate


Alysa Kennedy

Aiden Postelwaite hoisting up the chandelier for winterball

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

Are you looking to get involved in a group or club in the school and don’t know where to go? No worries, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about what PHS has to offer!

Student Senate is a great way to dive head first into getting involved in the school! To become a member you must first be elected as a class officer in a high position. These elections are held within the first two weeks of each school year. The Class President, Vice President, and 2 representatives of each grade become admitted as members of Student Senate. To make up a total of 4 students representing each class.

Once it is decided who will become a member of student senate, a meeting is held to elect officers. This is done by members nominating an upperclassman they think will be equipped to do the job. Members will then second that motion and the position is appointed. Other meetings are held randomly throughout the year as needed.

Student Senate is the most involved group within the school. They are not only in charge of, but also fund, almost every homecoming event, winter dances, as well as Christmas and end of the year parties. They sponsor and volunteer at different things like the blood drive, and events for students to take part in like the annual hockey trip. The club holds several fundraisers a year to make all of this possible.

Student Senate is truly a great club to be a part of. It looks great on college resumes and scholarships. However, if you’re thinking about joining, be sure you are ready to put in some work. There’s not time for slackers around here!