Freshman Introduction: Korbin Bonesteel

Dannika Fulling, Editor

Today we got the opportunity to sit down (well…stand outside Mr. Smith’s room) and talk with Korbin Bonesteel for his freshman introduction. Korbin is the younger brother of both Kaden and Makinley Bonesteel, making him the 2nd middle child of the Bonesteel family. He isn’t in any sports or clubs at this time, but once he gets into the groove of high school, we hope that he will find something to be involved in. Korbin must have some big plans, because he is most looking forward to graduating! Korbin’s favorite Disney movie is Cars, which puts gives the movie the lead as the class favorite with a total of 5 votes now. What has surprised Korbin the most about high school is that it isn’t as hard as he thought it would be. This has by far been the most popular answer! It was great being able to sit (err…lean on the wall) and talk with Korbin.