Cancer Comfort Bags!

Bridgette Woodward, Editor

Crawford County Health Department is putting together cancer comfort bags for those who are diagnosed. The community is getting together and contributing to the bags. PHS Pay it Forward club will be making blankets for these comfort bags this upcoming Sunday, the 29th, in the school’s cafeteria at 2pm. Anyone is welcome to join, and the more people to help with the bags the more people we can help! The Health Department wants to make sure people going through treatment are as comfortable as possible. Make sure to bring fabric to make a blanket, the fabric should be chin to feet length. For kids the blankets should be 2-3 yards and the adults should be 4-5 yards. If you would like to help, the cafeteria doors and the parking lot doors in the back will be open for anyone after 2pm, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to help out your community!