Softball Is Underway

Shara Coffman, Editor

It is only the start of the 2023 calendar year and the Palestine – Hutsonville Softball team isn’t wasting anytime. For what seems like a month now the team has already started to prepare for the season. Every Tuesday the team meets at Hutsonville High school, these open gyms consist of conditioning and working on the important softball skills. Thursdays the team meets at the depot in Robinson to really work on their hitting skills, because if you don’t hit then you don’t score. As of right now there is about 5-8 girls attending each week, keep in mind most of the girls playing softball are also cooped up in their basketball season or other sports going on at the moment.

A junior player, Zoey Beabout, says, “I believe that this season will be different from seasons in the past but it will for sure be a season that we will learn and hopefully grow from.”

The coaches seem more than excited to start the 2023 season, they are hoping to see more girls attend open gyms before official practices begin on February 28. If you are on the fence about playing just jump in there and play, have fun, plus you never know what kind of opportunities will arise from doing something you are unsure about.


2023 girls softball games (Provided )