Countywide Snow Day!

Snow Day!


Snow Day!

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

Yesterday, January 25th, was considered a traditional snow day for many of the surrounding schools. While we were expecting roughly around 8 inches of snow, we realistically only got about 3 inches of a “wintery mix.” The roads were still deemed too unsafe to have school by all of the county schools.

There are a few different factors in determining whether we will have a snow day or not. An administrator, or two, will go out early that morning and drive around to see what the roads are like. If the roads are bad, or unsafe, they will consider it a snow day. Administrators from our district also get in contact with those from other school districts to see what they should do. The county school districts almost always make their decision together.

While it is fun at the time, snow days have their consequences. Palestine students will have to attend an additional day of school at the end of the year to make it up. This of course will not affect our seniors, as their graduation date and last day of school has been set.

Unlike the county schools, LTC was still in session. Therefore, many of our juniors and seniors had to brave the weather to attend class yesterday morning.