Mr. Smith: Featured

Zoey Rinesmith, Editor

Stuart Smith has been teaching Biology at Palestine High School for 24 years. He plans on retiring this upcoming year in 2024, but due to his connection with the students and friendships with the staff, he is not ready to leave the school.

Every day, Smith would start his class by going around the room, asking each student how their day or weekend was, asking their plans. By doing this he makes each student feel welcome and heard. For that I admire him, and always will. Smith helps with Student Senate and has for many years. “It was a great opportunity to work with students, who were willing to help make the school and community better.” Following schooling, Smith planned to go into the industry of Biology, but went back to school to get his teaching degree. His father was in education, introducing Smith to the concept and made it interesting to him, and he put it: “I thought teaching would suit me better.”

Growing up, Mr. Smith lived in Sullivan with his parents and two older brothers. His favorite memory from childhood was how closely knit his family was. “The five of us would sit around the table to eat dinner every night.” he said as he remembered his childhood memories. His brothers are 11 and 13 years older than him. “It was like having four parents, there was no arguing about anything.” Schooling came difficult to Smith, according to him, harder than his siblings. Smith’s parents were special to him, and his father and mother share the spot of hero in Mr. Smith’s eyes. They are some of his favorite people and always will be! “My favorite color is green, because it was my mother’s.” Smith attended Sullivan High School and was a part of the Cross Country team and Baseball team throughout his years there. He attended Indiana State University, to get his degree in biology. Later he went back to school and received his teaching degree. While attending Indiana State, he was on the Track and Field team and Cross Country team. He no longer plays any sports but enjoys watching them from time to time. 

He enjoys a wild selection of activities just like anyone else. In his free time, Mr. Smith listens to music, his favorite group being the Gin Blossoms, an 80’s rock band from Arizona. He enjoys spending time with his kids and fiancee, and working out. He attempted guitar lessons, but had to stop due to lack of time. Of course like the rest of us, Smith has favorite things. His favorite show is Seinfeld, but his favorite movie is Jack Reacher. Musicwise his favorite song is one from Paul McCartney and the Wings: “Band on the Run.” His favorite book was one he read in 7th grade English, Flowers for Algernon, a short story by Daniel Keyes. Although he never participated in Tennis, it is his favorite.

Mr. Smith is a favorite teacher for many students at Palestine High School. He will never be forgotten, and will go down in the books as a favorite PHS teacher for a lifetime!