OPH Boys Basketball Olney Tournament


Alivia Beabout

Showing off the trophy of course!

Alivia Beabout, Editor

OPH boys basketball played an amazing 3 games in Olney at a fresh/soph tournament. They first played against Fairfield, and won with flying colors, then next they played Flora and won again easily. Not to mention these boys were up and on a bus by 7 am and played their first game at 9 and their energy was amazing all day long! As the day got longer these boys got more tired waiting for their turn to play. Then finally the time came, these boys needed to beat Lawrenceville in order to receive 1st place. And let me tell you it was a real nail biter. These boys played the catch up game the entire time right up until the last 5 seconds. The score was 51-50 OPH in the lead when starting player Graydon Kincaid got fouled and was able to shoot some free throws, and it’s a good thing he did because Graydon’s free throws are absolutely beautiful, he made both shots easily ending the game 53-50, an OPH victory! These boys played hard up until the last second and we couldn’t be prouder.