Change of Plans…and ACTION!

Dannika Fulling, Editor

PHS Drama Club had originally come out with plans to do Grease for this year’s Spring production. After recruiting enough boys (which always seems to be a problem, come on boys!), and evaluating who is capable of singing on stage, there was just one not so small problem left. The production cost over $1,500 for just the licensing and an additional $200 for the scripts! This meant that without buying a single prop or costume, this production would have cost our small drama club over $1,700. An amount that simply isn’t feasible without additional time to raise funds and prepare, a plan to find a new production immediately went into play. After some deliberation, they’ve decided to do Alice in Wonderland! This fun and well-known production was only $350 for both licensing and scripts, meaning there is plenty of money to make this production wonderful (no pun intended)! We hope that everyone is still excited to be involved in this production!