A Royal Tea


Lauren Duffield

A beautiful up close shot of the Fife.

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

The Palestine Preservation Projects Society is hard at work preparing for the Annual Teeny Tiny Tea Party. This event is held February 5th “Super Bowl Sunday” at the Fife Opera House 125 S. Main, Palestine, IL. The event will start at 2 PM and continue until 4 PM. As the theme is “A Royal Tea,” be sure to dress in your favorite royal Princess/Prince attire including crowns, hats, and jewels! Be sure not to forget your doll/action figure/stuffed animal for the Parade. Bring your children, grandchildren, or the children next door for a great time! There will be several door prizes given away throughout the event. Tea, sweets, and savories will be served. 

Ticket sales for the Tea Party are going on now until February 1st. Seating is limited so get your tickets soon! Children’s tickets are $9 and $15 for adults. They are available for purchase at The Rocking Horse. Located at 210 S. Main, Palestine, IL (618-586-2444). Seating is assigned on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to sit as a group, the tickets must be purchased at the same time. So keep in mind the earlier you get your tickets, the better chances you have for group reservations! Proceeds from this event support the Fife Opera House and other PPPS projects.

This is such a fun opportunity that our community provides for children and adults as well. The Teeny Tiny Tea Party was one of the most memorable things that I got to do with my mom and grandma growing up. This event is great for making memories!