Christmas Customs

Lauren Duffield, Editor

Everyone has a special tradition with their family each year when that time of the year rolls around. For me, on the other hand, my family travels to see family. I go to Missouri to see my cousin Sara on Christmas break. On the day before Christmas Eve we always watch Christmas movies and make snacks. One of my favorite Christmas movies to watch is Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, one of my favorites growing up. We get up pretty early so we can make a Christmas dinner and later on we open stockings and presents after eating and then we watch Christmas Story. It’s always a fun Christmas with her. 

 With my step mom, Katie Kittel, we go to see my grandparents and we usually just relax or go see lights. I decorated with my stepmom this year. We decorated the tree with her and we went to see the fireworks in Leaverton park, where my  little sister got her pictures taken with Santa and we got cookies, apple cider and hot cocoa. It was nice and cozy in  the car when we watched big pops of light, although my little sister was way  more entertained with her cookie. 

Growing up when I lived with my biological mom she would make tamales for our Hispanic culture and she would make carnitas with sopapillas and sides like Spanish rice and beans, and a dip like salsa, guacamole, or pico de gallo. My siblings and I liked to eat our sopapillas with honey as a little treat and maybe add savory too by adding meat, beans and rice into them. We’d open gifts and maybe watch a movie after.  I remember when I was like maybe 10 or 11 it snowed around Christmas time in Missouri, and my younger brother and I would always go out and sled and play in the snow. I remember sliding each other down the hill  near our house and going as fast as we could and speeding downhill in our big puffy coats like little marshmallows flying in the wind. Then when we got inside we’d warm up and watch cartoons or take a nap. 

I’ve always liked Christmas and the happiness that surrounds it, but what started most of its customs? Like why do we open gifts? Well the reason why we open gifts is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus  from the Wise Men. Christmas is a holiday meant for giving and being kind to everyone. So have a good Christmas and new year!