Journalism Christmas Family Traditions

Bridgette Woodward

With Christmas right around the corner, family traditions are already starting to take place. Whether it be Christmas baking, family games, movie nights or opening gifts, everyone has different ways of celebrating during the holiday season.

For the Journalism class here at Palestine High School, a majority of the students do things on Christmas Eve. Dannika Fulling has long distance family members that come for a Christmas Eve family game night. She and her family also enjoy going and seeing all the beautiful Christmas lights.

Instead of games, Zoey Rinesmith says, “We do a sibling gift exchange and then we always watch The Polar Express.”

A huge thing during holidays is definitely the food. Alivia Beabout enjoys eating lunch at her Grandma’s house on Christmas day after opening presents.

After a church service, Alysa Kennedy’s family opens Christmas gifts, following that she says she “enjoys spending time with her family.”

Along with the rest of the students who enjoy seeing grandparents, Chance Wilber does too, he sees them on Christmas Eve.

Root Beer floats anyone? Michlynn Churchwell’s family celebrates with the tasteful desert while watching The Christmas Chronicles!

Out of all of the students, only one celebrates on a different day. Elliot Meadows does Christmas on New Years day with his grandma’s side of the family. On that day they also play White Elephant, a game where gifts are bought and everyone pulls a number and starting from whoever has number one, they get to choose the first gift and so on and so forth.