Bridgette Woodward, Editor

This evening at Palestine high school, the winter plays start at 7pm for opening night, then Sunday at 2pm. Many roles were switched due to people being sick. With only a short amount of time, they pulled it together regardless.

Michaela Fuller who originally played the chef in Cafe Murder, was the first to get sick. Bridgette Woodward had said Michaela’s lines during practices Michaela couldn’t make, so she had a little bit of a head start when she was told Monday she would be the Chef in the play.

Zoey Rinesmith, who is now playing Bridgette’s original role, did not have the chance beforehand to even read through the play. She was quick to memorize all the lines and is ready for the big show.

Another actor who became sick this week is Jacob Christine, who played Nicky Parks in a My FedEx Christmas Request. Dannika Fulling is now covering for him, and Ayla Abel is covering for Dannika who originally played Harriet the elf in the same play.

All actors made sure to work extra hard to get their new lines memorized on time. Now it’s time for them to perform in front of an audience.