Madrigal Feast


Three Birds Playhouse

The whole cast of the Madrigal Feast.

Chance M Wilber, Editor

On Saturday, December 3rd and Sunday, December 4th the Three Birds Playhouse put on a Madrigal Feast at the Fife Opera House. This feast consisted of a dinner and a very humorous show.

The food for the feast consisted of fruits and nuts, fresh salad, fatted pig, roasted potatoes and seasoned vegetables, cranberry compote, hearty bread, and for dessert Poor Man’s Cake and Wassail. Throughout the feast the food was passed out along with which scene was happening. While the guests were eating their food the cast went around through the crowd singing jolly Christmas carols. The crowd was never not amused with Christmas carols being sung and the Jester carrying the laughter all night long.

Thank you to all who sold out both nights, and for members of Palestine Drama Club, Ahlya Abel, Chance Wilber, Michaela Fuller, Addi McNair, and Jaylee Hyre, and others for helping to serve the food.