Cafe Murder, Mystery Play



Poster for Cafe Murder

Bridgette Woodward, Editor

This year’s winter plays, presented by Palestine High School Drama Club, will be hosted December 9th and 11th (Friday and Sunday).  The first act will be two 10-minute plays that were presented in area nursing homes December 1.  The second act will be a 40 minute play called Cafe Murder, an interactive murder mystery with the audience participation.

In Cafe Murder, a group of sisters and one of their boyfriends go to a cafe for Rosemary’s birthday. When the birthday girl disappears, no one seems to be too bothered. The real question is, who did it? The Maitre’d, who was there from beginning to end as their host for the night and manager of the restaurant? Marjorie, one of Rosemary’s sisters and a conservative banker? Melanie, the peace-loving hippy sister? Valerie, the ditzy sister? Vollney, Valerie’s boyfriend, a rugged truck driver who is constantly picking on Rosemary? The waitress serving the party?  The charming French chef, Francesca?  Or the self taught Detective Harris?

There is limited seating in the gym, so therefore the tickets should be bought before the deadline of December 5th. Tickets can be held at the door if necessary, but tickets must be bought in advance so it is known how many seats will be reserved. There are a total of 15 tables, and 90 seats available each night. For students it is $6 and $8 for adults.  Snacks, dessert and beverages will be served and are included with ticket prices.

So who murdered Rosemary? rThere’s only one way to find out! Buy your tickets now and come December 9th at 7pm or  Sunday, December 11th at 2:00.