Eric Duke

Mr. & Mrs. Hyde and their grandson, Harrison

Elliott Meadows, Editor

I had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Hyde, I asked some questions about her and she gave very interesting answers. 

Mrs. Hyde has lived in a whole bunch of different places. With both grandfathers both being in the army and her dad always wanting to travel and be on the go she has lived in some very cool places. She lived in Italy, Germany, Holland in Europe. In the states she lived in Arlington, Virginia; Jackson, Mississippi; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She said she liked Holland the best in Europe and Philadelphia in the states. Her parents even met in France– how cool is that!

Mrs.Hyde said that she has always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids. She said she would really like to go to the Middle East. She said she would really like to go back to traveling a lot. Her husband also really wants to take a train trip across Africa. 

Mrs. Hyde’s dad was very adventurous. They were always going on vacations. 

One of her favorite childhood memories was with her dad. They were driving to go on a ski trip and her dad saw a very big hill and he said that it would be the perfect hill to sled down so that is exactly what they did. 

Someone who really inspires her is her kids. She said this is because they have done so well in life so far and it inspires her so much. They inspire her to be a better person. Her grandson also inspires her to be a better person. 

The thing that really keeps her going is that in a couple of years when she retires she will be able to do whatever she wants. Although she really likes teaching she said she cannot wait to be able to do that. 

Something she said she really likes about herself is that she can get  along with anyone. She said that is probably because of all the different places she has lived in. Mrs. Hyde said she really likes gardening and loves plants. She also loves crafting for her grandson and church. 

It was great being able to interview Mrs. Hyde.