2-0 OPH Girls



OPH playing a zone defense

Shara Coffman, Editor

The OPH girls are undefeated after traveling to Chrisman last night.

Ask the players, fans, refs, or coaches they will all say that game last night was plain ugly!

After an almost scoreless first quarter, Chrisman took the lead. Going into the second quarter Chrisman continued to lead. Towards the end of the first half OPH contained on defense leaving the first half with a 2 point lead.

After an ugly first half and a stern talk from coach Blank, the team got their act together and played some ball.

With the start of the second half, the OPH lead started to fade, but they pulled back through to tie the game. The fourth quarter was a race, with each team running 110mph. At the buzzer of the fourth quarter it was tied 38-38, and overtime was next.

OPH worked their tails off to gain a good enough lead to take the win over Chrisman.

You can catch the OPH girls Monday at their first home game at Oblong – 6:15 start time.