A Miracle or Two


Kelsey Wolf

Senior picture portrait

Shara Coffman, Editor

Chance Wilber is living a life that he was once given only a 5-10% chance of living. 

Wilber has two older sisters; one is twenty-four and the other is twenty. With his oldest sister his mom had a pretty normal pregnancy, besides the occasional morning sickness.

Baby number two came along four years later. When his mom went for what she thought was just a regular checkup, she learned that this baby had a heart defect. This caused a lot of questions and what ifs. After doing some praying, research and questioning the parents decided to put the baby in God’s hands. Some would say this was a miracle, because what was supposed to be a still born baby is now twenty years old, playing college softball, and getting her dream career started. 

There were to be no more children, and then… oops.

The Wilber family thought for sure that they were done having children, until accidently baby number three came along. Scared, worried, and questioning every move they made, the family took many precautions and ran as many tests as possible. One test came back that baby number three would be born with trisomy 18, also known as Edwards syndrome. The extra chromosome causes severe developmental delays. A child born with this defect is usually given only one year to live. With hope and faith, the family once again put the baby in God’s hands. As contractions began, the worrying started to soar, but their faith in the Lord was never lost, and on December 29, 2004, Chance was born with no defects, a perfect child of God. 

I have been so blessed with the children God has given me.

— Mrs. Wilber

Chance is now a senior at Palestine High School. He has maintained high honors all through his high school career. He plays baseball and enjoys golfing in his free time. “After high school I hope to attend Missouri S&T for petroleum engineering, and after getting my degree I want to be a traveling worker for five years and then settle down out west” says Chance. 



Kelsey Wolf