Humble and Kind


Dannika Fulling

Lauren in their natural habitat – surrounded by plants!

Dannika Fulling, Editor

If you haven’t had the opportunity to get to know Lauren Duffield, then you are missing out on an extremely heartfelt and sincere individual. It’s something that they wish more people knew about them, instead of assuming they are rude. 

Lauren isn’t originally from Palestine, and lived in Waynessville, Missouri, for a portion of their life as their dad was in the military. Their childhood was full of adventures with their older cousin Sarah, who would take them to the pool and have movie nights with Lauren and their younger brother. 

Lauren is drawn towards happiness and it shows in their personality. Their favorite flower is a marigold, because it was the first flower they ever planted that grew successfully. They tend to gravitate towards nature, and if they were a color they would be green because of how happy it makes them. They find comfort in the kitchen, because when Lauren was younger they would frequently cook with their mom, aunt, and cousin. It’s not surprising that Lauren is artistic, as they find art and playing the guitar a healthy way to express how they feel. 

One of the biggest surprises about learning about Lauren was learning just how many things they are interested in. They love the planets Jupiter and Saturn because of the colors and the ring of rocks that surround Saturn. They look up to Hunter Schafer and Brock Painn as fashion inspiration, both of which are very artistic. One day, whether now or later in life, they would love to pick up bird-watching as a hobby. They love to collect the pressed pennies at amusement parks, different rocks, and other little knickknacks. 

If there was one word to describe Lauren, it would be wholesome. Someone who is full of happiness and finds joy in simple things, it’s hard not to enjoy being around them. If you didn’t take the time to sit down and talk with Lauren, you probably wouldn’t know half of this information. They’re very humble, and introverted, but well worth the time to get to know them.