Here and There and Everywhere


Bridgette Woodward

Selfie time!

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

Beginning this year, Bridgette was a fresh face around the school. Starting at PHS as a senior is not surprising to Bridgette as she has been the “new kid” a few times before. Many of us were born and raised here in Crawford County. Bridgette, however, is newer to the area. 

Palestine is a town full of community and family. These two very reasons are what brought Bridgette to Palestine. Traveling nearly 1,713 miles, Bridgette moved from Carson City, Nevada to be closer to her family here in this area.

Fun fact — Nevada is not the only home Bridgette has ever known. She has also lived in the sunshine state. (Who wouldn’t love that?!) 

While Bridgette has really enjoyed Crawford County so far, she does long for the other places she has called home. Bridgette occasionally misses the beautiful mountainous landscape of Nevada and the hot Florida summers. Bridgette shared that corn and beans really do not compare to the Nevada landscape. Seeing the snow here cover the flat land like a blanket as far out as you can see was a much different sight than the snow capped mountains of Nevada. Bridgette would love to live at each of these places depending on the season: Nevada for the beautiful winters, Florida for the summer, and Crawford County for the fall.