The Grind Don’t Stop

Alivia Beabout , Editor

Shara Coffman is currently a senior at Palestine High School. It is no surprise to anyone that she was rewarded Miss Crawford County Fair Queen. Not only does Shara have the duties of being fair queen all year long but she is also juggling a part time job at a nursing home, a part time job at Gliks, a full time school schedule and now, her her last basketball season. 

After high school Shara plans to attend  4-year college. She is not exactly sure where she is going, but she is getting so many different offers and scholarships, it’s a hard decision to make. She will be going to get a degree in exercise science for pre-occupational therapy. Exercise science is just a theory that is aimed to help individual well-being by applying solutions to health problems related to physical inactivity. And occupational therapy is a form of therapy used on disabled individuals to help build or rebuild their fine motor skills. If you think about it, these two things correspond really well in the fact that they both help people in the same ways. 

Shara is more than just a county fair queen; we all know that Shara actually has a life and being queen isn’t her only personality trait. Shara shared her daily routine: She wakes up at 6:45-ish, puts in her contacts, washes her beautiful face to keep it queen looking, styles her beautiful queen hair, puts on a cute outfit, brushes the pearly whites, puts on some makeup, (even though she doesn’t need it), then literally runs out of the door because if you know Shara, you know she has no sense of time. Quite honestly she doesn’t care what time it is; she will not leave the house until she looks perfect. She then goes to school, where she works her behind off because she’s smart. At the end of the day, she goes straight to basketball practice, then finally is home around 6 o’clock to begin showering, doing homework, and getting that queen beauty sleep. 

If you’re wondering what it feels like to be a queen, a student, a daughter, and significant other, an athlete, and an employee, ask Shara.  Is it fun? Exhausting? Busy? Crazy? Shara will tell you is it all of the above! 

Even though Shara has all of these things going on, she never fails to put on this front that hides all of these emotions. It is amazing how well she deals with them all. She never fails to make everyone smile. She is an amazing friend, queen, athlete, employee, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and the list goes on. So, to Shara, keep up the good work and continue to be an amazing person — your hard work is paying off.