Future Eleanor Roosevelt

Lauren Duffield, Editor

Dannika is an upstanding student at Palestine high school. She’s a thoughtful person and overall kind to everyone. She has many neat hobbies and outlooks on life, but the most important thing to her in life is to make a positive change in the educational field. Because she plans to attend college and to receive a teaching degree to become a high school history teacher, it’s not surprising that she looks up to historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt, and her current figure is a YouTuber  by the name of Hailey Miller.

Dannika also has grown up in Palestine her whole life, but it’s neat because she has a stronger outlook on life than most. Like Eleanor Roosevelt once said; “Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one.”

Dannika enjoys the color green because it reminds her of nature and that is where she is happiest; she loves to kayak, read, and hike. If she were ever on a deserted island and she had to bring five things she would bring a lighter, water purification tablets, a knife, a basic first aid kit, and a sort of broth to make soup. Spoken like someone who’s spent some time outdoors.

She says that she wants her future house to be traditional, or maybe colonial, with wide open spaces and a fire place, with cute family pictures on the walls and lots of bookshelves. Her future home sounds very comforting.

Some things that people may not know about Dannika is that she is more empathetic than most people. She is a strong advocate for mental health because mental health has always been something she’s struggled with.

Dannika is a person you will want to get to know; she is very kind and is a happy, calm, humble, and strong person.