Honoring Our Veterans Furthermore


Alivia Beabout

A veteran showing his sacrifice by saluting for the flag.

Alivia Beabout, Editor

As we continue to honor our veterans, the celebration doesn’t stop after our high school program on Thursday. The Eagles are hosting their own Veterans Day program, held on November 11, at 11:00 am at  the Palestine Eagles Lodge. Our very own Kaden McCormack has been asked to say a few words as the Eagles have chosen for him to recite the poem, “In Flanders Field” by John McCrae.

This poem is significant for veterans because it was written during the First World War, and the poem symbolizes the sacrifice of all who were fighting, are fighting, and will be fighting. Today the poem continues to be a part of our day to remember the lives fought for our country. 

Kaden told me that he is a little bit nervous but not really; he is confident in his speaking skills, and believes that he will fly right through the poem with no mistakes. He isn’t really sure why they asked him to speak, but he is glad that they did because that lets him know that he can be trusted and people have heard good things about him. Kaden personally enjoys speaking in front of people, and he likes the thrill of knowing he is able to get a special message across to so many people, in such short words.