Small But Mighty


Alivia Beabout

Owen showing off his football skills while playing flag football during PE class.

Alivia Beabout , Editor

We all have that fear coming into high school of not being good enough to play your favorite sport, to help your new team out to destroy the competition. But not for Owen Griffin. Owen has been playing football since he was a little kid, but when advancing to high school this kid was fearless! This football season was Owen’s first year playing for a high school team. He was confident in telling me he wasn’t nervous whatsoever, he was familiar with the coaches, and was familiar with many of his teammates from years past. 

You may have to look down to speak to Owen but on the field he is quite a beast! Because Owen is a freshman he doesn’t get as much playing time as some upperclassmen but if I’m being honest, out of all the freshmen, I spotted Owen out there the most. He achieved 7 total tackles and had a kickoff return catch and gained 4 years for his team. These stats are amazing for a freshman and hopefully he can triple these numbers next year. 

Some of Owen’s teammates told me that Owen’s best game was at the Carlisle game where he achieved most of his tackles and had his kickoff return catch. Owen will continue to play football throughout his high school career and we can’t wait to see where it takes him!