His Journey Doesn’t End Here


Alivia Beabout

Bowen, as he shows us just how fast he ran at sectionals!

Alivia Beabout, Editor

We all know about Bowen Ramsey heading off to sectionals October 29th, and we are all so proud of him! Here are some things that we’ve gathered from him throughout his season, what he will do next, and how he will train to become better for next year’s season.

Bowen stated that although he did not qualify to move to state he still feels really good that he beat his brother and was given the chance to go to sectionals. He was able to keep his hopes up and wasn’t upset at the fact that he wouldn’t be advancing. Bowen placed in the top 100 out of nearly 150 kids. He told me that he thinks the reason he won’t be advancing is simply because he was just running slow that day. 

If Bowen continues to attend Palestine High School he plans on continuing his career in running for OPH cross country. He will continue to train in the off season a little bit to knock some seconds off of his record time.