Cafe Closing but not the Business



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Shara Coffman, Editor

Crawford County is full of many good small town shops and restaurants. However, at times all good things come to an end.

JC Fresh Start Cafe has been a friendly gathering spot for the past 7 years. The Cafe was run by Regenna Frost and she says, “It is time to spend more time with family and enjoy what we have worked so hard for.”

November 4 will be the last day for dinning at the Cafe.

There is still good news about this closing. Starting November 20 Frost will be taking on catering for 10-150 people. She will be offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, finger foods, and any baked goods.

“When we opened in November 2015 we were so excited to see where my dream would go…” “We have met so many people, that became friends and travelers from all over the world, so we leave with happy hearts.” ”

— Regenna Frost

Still continue to support Frost by placing your catering orders by calling 618-421-3233 or email [email protected]

Cafe’s Storefront (Provided)