CEO Haunted House


CEO Haunted House flier

Michlynn Rae Anne Churchwell, Editor

The CEO class is putting on a Haunted House at the Oblong fair grounds from 5:30 to 10, for 5 dollars a person. This Haunted house lasts all weekend on October 27, 28, and the 30th. From 5:30 to 7 is the time for younger ones to come to check out the haunted fair grounds. They have face painting and stickers, and they also have pork burgers. All proceeds from the pork burgers go to Lane Lockhart. This is in hopes for Lane to get back to school comfortably.

From 7 to 10 is the most haunted time to go; this is more for teens and adults. The “adults” will have a very scary time there with the old lady haunting the fair grounds.

The Haunted House is based on an old lady’s life. The story of the old lady goes a little bit like this… you walk through her room and the old lady is fine, then she gets sick and goes to the hospital. She dies and begins haunting everyone around her. When you come to the end, and see her grave, that’s the end. But don’t expect this to be any less scary than it sounds because you’re in for a real scare.