Injured football players

Lauren Duffield, Editor

Lauren Duffield
Lauren Duffield

This year OPH football has been the year for injured players. Unfortunately, we have three students that have played hard  and that have been injured on the team.

One of these students was Avry Monti. He was practicing when he got injured. He was running and someone stepped out in front of him. He slipped and popped his knee out of place, and a bone fragment cut a tendon in his leg. He is currently healing well and has been going to physical therapy. Avry says that he is now able to fully walk and can do many things, whereas before he says he wasn’t even able to bend his leg more than 30 degrees or put any weight on his leg whatsoever. He is very disappointed that he is not going to be able to play this year. He loves football, and he hopes he’ll be able to recover enough so he can play again in the future.

Our linebacker Jeremiah Wagner injured his hand during the Pinckneyville game. While he was running the ball, he was tackled and a player on the opposing team stepped on his right hand, causing his thumb to push back into his hand. His recovery has been a process for him. He says he can barely get a drink and do activities he was able to do before he had been injured. Jeremiah  says that being out of the game is a terrible feeling because everyone is doing things when he’s just sitting on the sideline. He says it’s aggravating because he knows he can do something, but he can’t be out on the field. He’s grateful that it’s just a hand injury and that it wasn’t a leg injury, so that he’s more mobile.

Everyone is hoping they heal well so they can play well in all of our future games.