The Woods Event Center

Alivia Beabout, Editor

What better place to say “I do” and get together with friends and family than Crawford County’s new event center, “The Woods”?

The Woods is located along Route 33 in Stoy, Illinois. This project started in February of 2021 and first opened July 16th, 2022. The Woods is owned by Koert and Sarah Mehler. Koert specializes in banking at First Robinson Savings Bank, and Sarah manages daily operations at The Woods. The Woods doesn’t just offer a place to hold a beautiful wedding; it also provides a bar for people to get together and enjoy drinks. 

People who have visited The Woods for weddings say it is truly amazing. Palestine High School graduate Sydney Welty, who recently attended a wedding at The Woods, has been following Koert and Sarah’s journey from the beginning and said that seeing all of the plans come together and seeing the place for the first time was just breathtaking. She said that The Woods holds a modern, yet boho kind of theme with the barn look on the outside and a very modern look on the inside. 

To learn more about this amazing event center you can visit The Woods Facebook page to learn more about how you can book this place for some special event.