Meeting Madness; 9/21, 9/22

Alivia Beabout , Editor

We just have so many meetings these days that they won’t all  fit  in one story!


On Wednesday 9/21 Drama Club held a Haunted House meeting for members interested in participating. We spoke on the topic of what themes will be featured in each room. Themes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Annabelle, Children of the Corn, It, Nightmare on Elm Street, the Ring, Halloween, and Conjuring were discussed, which means a good haunted house this year! The dates are going to be October the 21st and 22nd. Members signed up to work in each room and students talked about how they can make this year as haunted as possible. 


Next we had a meeting on Thursday 9/22 for the yearbook club where students talked about money and the basics of what it takes to be in the yearbook club. A really good group of people showed up and hopefully they will all stay so this year’s yearbook will  be created on time! Some really creative people are involved this yea, so hopefully the club can come up with one of the best yearbooks yet. The theme was also discussed, but that will have to stay a surprise –you’ll have to buy a yearbook to find out! 😉