Meeting Madness; 9/19, 9/20


Alivia Beabout , Editor

As the school year kicks off, and since many clubs lost some members of some of our clubs when last year’s seniors graduated, clubs need to regroup and find new members to bring those numbers back up. Students are all busy attending meetings during WIN and lunch these days.  


Student Senate has been extremely busy so far this year, tackling rodeo concessions, figuring out blood drives, and serving a helping hand in our Homecoming parade, piecing things together down to the last detail to make sure our parade ran smoothly and perfectly. They had a meeting this Monday to discuss many different topics including how our amazing Homecoming dance went and how they can make that event even more awesome in the years to come.

They also spoke on the topic of the possible winter ball. Hopefully they have some good ideas on how to make this one great since we had to miss out last year due to Covid. Lastly they worked on arranging thank you cards for the civilians that were a part of our Wednesday night fun. 


Another very busy club/committee is the prom committee. Speaking as a senior this year, after hearing about small details of this year’s prom, it’s definitely going to be a good one! These juniors are so over the top excited about this prom that all of the planning and decorations are set, and prom isn’t until May! That is amazing.