Shara Coffman, Editor

Shara Coffman

And Devin Lawyer makes the tackle!!

Devin is a sophomore from PHS that plays on the OPH football team. Everyone would say that Devin is a great asset to the team, from making tackles to cheering his teammates.

As many know the football team has been in a little bit of a slump, having a record of 0-4 in the 2022 season. That record can be very discouraging, but here is what Devin has to say about it. “We started the year off strong, those first couple of games were thrilling, but after seeing the scoreboard for 4 games in a row not in our favor the effort has been falling.” He also says, “practices go well when everyone shows up, and the coaches are doing their best with what the boys are giving them.”

OPH season has just begun, they have a lot of success headed their way. We wish them great luck. Catch a game this Saturday in Oblong at 2pm. Go Wildcats!