Homecoming Chaos

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

For the past two years PHS has brought back the long lived tradition of having the dance following the Homecoming football game. OPH kicked off the Palestine Homecoming game at 2pm. With the game ending roughly at 4 o’clock this left many cheerleaders and football players with only 3 short hours to get ready and eat before the dance. A majority of the guys don’t require as much preparation for the Homecoming dance, so this debate is mostly for the girls. While some may think bringing this tradition back is a great idea, many students may think otherwise. 

Cheerleaders Zoey and Alivia Beabout are two individuals who were on a time crunch Saturday afternoon. Thinking ahead, Zoey and Alivia both started their day early by getting their hair done pre game. With the heat, they were afraid their hair wouldn’t hold up. Fortunately that wasn’t an issue for them, as they were able to cheer through the game without any trouble. Following the game, several students and cheerleaders rushed to Zoey’s house to get ready, as this became a group effort. Zoey, Alivia, and the rest of their group were able to take pictures and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, arranged by the moms, before arriving fashionably late to the homecoming dance. 

In contrast to Zoey and Alivia, several students, as well as many of the guys, were able to enjoy their day of preparing for the dance with much less stress and chaos. This preparation usually requires a day’s work in order to have everything just right. Between nails, hair, makeup, pictures, supper, and the dance, homecoming is already such a busy day! Why add a football game in the mix? My question is, is it really such a good idea to continue having the homecoming game and dance on the same day?