Homecoming Dance at the Pavilion

Elliott Meadows, Editor

This year’s homecoming dance was held at the Main Street pavilion in Palestine. This is a very good place to hold the dance. Student Senate and the staff did a very good job decorating the pavilion. With the dance being outside, everyone enjoyed the breeze. Student Senate even had refreshments inside for the students. The dance was held from 7-10. 

Everybody at the dance was very involved with dancing and having a great time. It was definitely one of the best Homecoming dances that has ever been held. The DJ played lots of very good music that everyone seemed to enjoy. Everyone seemed like they had a great time. Everyone was very active and this made the dance so much better for everyone. With there not being very much decorating the clean-up was very easy.  Hopefully, hearing how fun the dance was this will definitely convince more kids to come to some of the upcoming dances.