Wednesday Night Fun


Alivia Beabout , Editor

As most of us know last Wednesday the 14th was our annual homecoming parade, chili supper, games and of course the bonfire. 

The parade consisted of all class floats, our band, OPH football, OPH JFL football, OPH cheerleaders, JFL OPH cheerleaders, and all of the classes homecoming attendants. If you want to learn more about our amazing parade visit Bridgette Woodward’s article all about the parade. 

Our evening consisted of some bomb chili served to the entire community for a free will donation, provided by the Eagles. Kaden McCormack told me that the chili was very tasty after he coated it in some chili powder. He sat and watched the football team dance while he ate the scrumptious chili and said that 10/10 would eat again. 

Next we began playing some fun annual games consisting of such as the hula hoop game (where the students link hands and have to put their entire body through the hoop without unlocking hands), the three legged race, and ships and sailors. Our champions were two of our seniors Cody York and Elliott Meadows. 

Lastly everyone attended our annual bonfire which was provided by yours truly (seniors) and if I do say so myself it was one of the best I have attended since being in high school. As we chanted and enjoyed our last moments of being a senior, we took pictures with the people we have spent these last 14 years with, making memories since pre school.