Here Come the Floats!

Bridgette Woodward

Wednesday evening the homecoming parade took place, starting at PHS and making its way to the grade school. In this parade, the Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshman got together with their classes, discussed what they would do and created their floats as a team. 

Over the weekend the 4 classes met up with their classmates and worked hard to get their floats done, putting their blood and sweat into it to come up with ways to make their float the winning float. Each class’s ideas for their theme were amazing. The freshmen did “punt the Panthers” the sophomores did “Wildcats Twist the Panthers”, Juniors did “It’s a Cat Fight” and the Seniors did “Football Feud” a spin off of “Family Feud”. After a long and dreadful wait, the winners were announced during WIN Thursday. In last place were the Sophomores, in third were the Freshman, in second place were the Juniors and first place were the Seniors. 

Along with the floats were the homecoming attendants. Starting with the freshmen there are Makenzie McDaniel, Emily Rachoy, Carson Musgrove and Aiden Postlewaite. Sophomores are James Klein, Gavin Parish, Natalie Yargus, and Diamond Barnbrook. The Juniors attendants are Aidyn Piper, Ahlya Abel, Morgan Knoblett and Nathan Bennet. Finally the Senior attendants are Terry Fouty, Caitie Drury, Kaden McCormack, Alivia Beabout, Elliott Meadows, Dannika Fulling, Cody York and Alysa Kennedy.