2022 Powder Puff Football


Alysa Kennedy, Editor

On September 12th, PHS hosted their annual Homecoming powder puff football game. The seniors and freshmen faced the juniors and sophomores. Each side had their own amateur group of coaches to yell at them every so often. It’s tradition for the football boys to coach their classmates in this homecoming event.

The junior/sophomore team brought the heat with their own plays they had prepared at practice before the game while the senior/freshman team stuck to more of a “just show up and run” type strategy. The girls played two 20 minute and 22 second halves, in honor of the 2022 game. QB Addi McNair carried her team to victory with a final score of 18-6. 

Rumor has it Mr. Blank and Mr. Smith were not qualified for their job as referees. As his old age sets in, Mr. Smith could have used a pair of glasses, because I’m not so sure he could see the endzone. There’s also speculation the junior/sophomores bribed the refs, but I guess we’ll never know.

Some honorable mentions go out to star athlete Zoey Beabout for breaking the most ankles, Alysa Kennedy for getting her ankles broken the most, and Dannika Fulling for being the greatest benchwarmer in the history of powder puff.