Golf at Oak Glen and Quail Creek


Elliott Meadows, editor

At the golf matches this week the team played at Oak glen against Casey and at Quail Creek against North Clay, Robinson, and Newton.

Wednesday at Oak Glen Cody York shot a 42, Riley Blank shot 46,Carson Musgrave shot a 48, and Elliott Meadows  shot a 60. The boys did very well, they have done very well so far this season. Wednesday at Oak Glen for this girls Daylen Beckes shot a 62, Emily Rachoy shot a 63, Mackenzie McDaniel shot a 68, and Cydney Pethel shot a 70.

For thursday at Quail Creek for the boys Cody York shot a 44, Carson Musgrave 47, Riley Blank shot a 53. For the girl on thursday at Quail Creek Daylen Beckes shot a 63, Cydney Pethel shot a 67, Emily Rachoy shot a 68, Mackenzie McDaniel shot a 69.

The team has done very well this season and Phil has done a very good job at coaching.