Get Rowdy

Shara Coffman

Most OPH fall sports are underway, anything from football to golf. It takes a lot for athletes to come out and put in the endless hours of work to defend our mascot and to provide entertainment for the people of the community.

Now, even though these athletes put in all this time and effort it does not go without say that the support of the people beside them doesn’t play a huge role.

Today marks the first OPH pep rally. Whooo Hooo! How exciting is this for OPH athletes? These pep rallies are going to consist of getting the players pumped up, clapping along to your school songs, and giving the athletes the upmost support.

Student athletes are going to be taking time out of their school day to travel to each school. Their route will be going to Oblong first, then to Hutsonville, lastly to Palestine. To complete this all the students will be leaving at 12:45. Any school work they miss will be their own responsibility to make up.

At these pep rallies we’re OPH, and we are student athletes.