Little Cookie Shop

Alysa Kennedy, Editor

Palestine’s newest edition, Little Cookie Shop, is owned by a former PHS student Jaimie Tull. It is a family business run by Jaimie, her husband Mark, daughter Taylor, son Jesse, and little taste-testers Isabel, Rose and Rhys. Little Cookie Shop had its grand opening on September 2nd over Labor Day Weekend. Their bakery specializes in sugar cookies, chocolate covered treats, and bubble tea.

Jaimie and her crew underestimated the town’s desire for her tasty treats! With over 600 cookies, not including scones, cupcakes, pies, and brownies, Jaimie was sure her supply would last through the weekend. It wasn’t long before she realized this would not be the case, as she sold completely out on opening day! This was excellent for her business, but Jaimie needed to quickly resupply her shop for the next day. Jaimie and her crew began baking into the wee hours of the night. They called it a day at 2 am, just to get back to work at 5:30 am the next day. Since Jaimie was not prepared for her business to take off like it had, Little Cookie Shop will be closed until more supplies come in.

Jaimie has a few things about her business that really stand out. Little Cookie Shop does custom sugar cookies and ships all over the state and to other states as well. They also make their own custom cookie cutters via 3D printer. They do custom large batch orders for events as well.

With her business just opening up, Jaimie is happy and content with what she has now. However, a girl can dream! In the future, Jaimie hopes to bring a few more things to the table such as small indoor seating, custom logos with an edible printer machine, and possibly ice cream. With there no longer being a local shop for the community kids to enjoy, I can see this being a popular spot!

Little Cookie Shop is located at 107 Main St. Palestine. Unfortunately, their regular store hours are not posted yet. Until then you can keep up with their Facebook page, Little Cookie Shop, or check out their website!